German born photographer/director Gerald Forster has contributed to a range of publications including Esquire, Vogue, New York Magazine, Newsweek and Premiere.

His advertising clients include Hewlett Packard, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lufthansa, Halston, Pantene, Virginia Slim, Charles Schwab and HBO. As a director, his work includes among others commercials for Manon Jewelry, Isabella Fiore and music videos for Jihae.

Forster’s latest work –  a series of portraits titled The New Yorkers – is to be published by Oro editions in 2016.

His fine art photography and video installations have been widely exhibited and published by Visionnaire, Les Inrockuptibles, French Photo and Italian GQ. 

He is the recipient of numerous international awards like the European Professional Photo Award, the One Life International Award, the Photography Master Cup & the Award of Excellence from Communication Arts.

The LightYears Projet was exhibited at Jenkins Johnson Gallery in New York City & San Francisco, Nocturnal at Hous Projects in New York City and Stephen Cohen Gallery in LA.

Nocturnal is published in a limited edition book available on and selected bookstores.

Gerald Forster resides in New York City.